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About Christie
My interest in photography began in High School. At that time I used my allowance to buy a subscription to Astronomy Magazine. I was fascinated by the images inside the astrophotography section. I set a goal to buy a camera would allow me to capture the night sky myself. 

With the passage of Hale-Bopp through the night sky, I was still without a camera. I decided that I would not miss another great comet and I spoke to my Dad. He agreed to help me buy one by paying for a part of it as my Christmas gift. So in December 1997, I had a nice, new, shiny Minolta 400si in my possession. 

In the Summer of 1998, I still had not captured the night sky, but I did catch my first lightning bolt on film. Since then I've storm chased and photographed many storms

Through research and experimentation I began to capture the night skies, like those in the astronomy magazines. I have taken many photographs of the night sky including special events such as: the aurora, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and meteor showers. 

My love for geology and caves led to my interest in cave photography as well. I have since visited and photographed 20 caves. 

The challenge of capturing difficult subjects on film has always interested me. I feel drawn to such subjects. I'm especially drawn to capturing our world at night, it is in this that the possibilities are endless.

Since 1997 I have a full Minolta setup, both manual and automatic. I have a Canon EF camera and lenses and have just added a Digital Canon EOS XT to my collection. I never thought I would go digital, but with no worries about paying for film and processing, I've become fearless. Except around water...which makes my Digital camera nervous. ;)

My images have been shown on Channel 2 in Houston, at a local television station in San Antonio. I have have been interviewed by Weatherwise Magazine and the Chicago Tribune; with regards to my observations and photographs of the Aurora from Texas. My images have also been seen on and NASA's Leonid images. Fidelity Communications for Meramec Caverns and Milwaukee Skywarn Club have also used my images.

Images on Digital Canon EOS XT, by Carrie Ponder

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