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Honeymoon for Andrew and Christie Burton

Andrew and I being both adventurous people longed to do a Honeymoon that required some hiking and stunning views. Colorado was an easy choice. It had been years since I'd been there and Andrew had only been during the wintertime. 

Each day has notes and images. 

Honeymoon Day 1:
11 1/2 hour drive to Amarillo and dinner at the Big Texan. A few storms at night didn't produce any lightning to photograph. It was all inner cloud stuff. 

Honeymoon Day 2:
We travel from Texas to New Mexico into Colorado via Raton Pass. Then we stop in 7 Falls and see the falls and a funnel cloud. Score one for the Storm Chaser! We head out of Colorado Springs and towards Loveland before reaching our nice cabins in Drake Colorado...just down the road from Estes Park. 

Honeymoon Day 3:
We went into Estes Park for shopping. The town is so charming! Then we headed up to Fall River Road and saw amazing sights. 

Honeymoon Day 4:
Today we travelled up the regular road to Alpine Visitors Center, then past it just a little. We got out several times and walked around enjoying each other in this glorious land. 

Honeymoon Day 5:
We headed into Rocky Mountains one last time for a hike and then rested for our long drive home. 

Honeymoon Day 6:
We went to Capulin Volcano State Park on the way back to Amarillo and saw a funnel cloud...the second of the trip! Then we were treated to an amazing show of storms once we arrived in Amarillo.



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