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Hurricane Ike 
September 12, 2008 

Friday started off with the odd feeling that things weren't quite right. We ventured out while we could to see what all was closed and how things were prepared.

NOAA Track Prediction Frank Billingsley for Channel 2 GOES image of IKE

Several places were open, but only for a part of the day. Many places closed at 1 or 3pm to allow time for employees to get home to safety. I think most of us were still thinking we would once again 'dodge the bullet' as we had for several years since Alicia in 1983. 

Our Forecast for Arcola, Texas (Southwest Houston, 45 minute drive to Galveston) NOAA Watch/Warning Map

At 5:30 I had just talked to my boyfriend, Andrew who was working a shift at the fire station. The wind had picked up to a brisk pace, but was nothing compared to what was to come. Shortly after talking to Andrew, we got to work on taking the satellite dish off the roof. 

Feeder Bands start to arrive along with Tropical Storm Wind

Channel 13 Satellite

Our dog, Daisy, was going crazy. She doesn't like storms and was already having issues with this one. She can always tell when a storm is headed in. I was walking back to the house to get some more tools because we were having trouble with getting the dish off. Daisy decided to lay in front of me. I lost my balance and began to fall, caught myself then tripped over her again. I regained my balance once more to find her yelp at me and trip me AGAIN! I fell to the ground ending up with a bruised hand and a massive concrete burn on my leg. GRR!

Our yard pre-storm view

At 6:00pm our power went off. Mom, sister and I sat on the front porch listening to the rising wind come in. Small branches were already falling. I noticed a red tint to the sky and walked out to the street to an amazing view! The feeder bands zoomed quickly across the evening sun giving a stunning sunset. 

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