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Hurricane Ike 
September 13, 2008 Saturday

The cell phones are having trouble connecting to the service towers. Some neighbors and other guys show up to help us three women get a tree of ours out of the road. After this we realize we haven't heard from my brother, Cory. We call him and find out he is fine. I then call some friends and other family to check on them. Andrew called and was coming over to get some sleep in-between his shifts. 

Tree almost hits cars, trapping us in.

Patio area with lg. limbs in pool

Front yard matches view from pre-storm page. 

Large tree in front yard, heard this one fall

Another view of tree trapping us in.

Neighbors come to help move tree across road.

Two large trees beside house.

We realized that we are trapped and can't get out of the driveway. Mom called Cory and asked him to come help Carrie and I cut a large tree. Another thought rushed through my head as I looked at the devastation... 'there is a reason to be afraid of the dark'. It was the darkness that hid our eyes from what was happening. 

At about 3pm we have cut up the large tree blocking us and moved a lot of large branches back. I was raking things out of the way and found a baby squirrel tangled up in brush, but ok other than being scared. Cory decided to take him with him. With no power and Andrew sleeping soundly in my room, I get my lounging lawn chair and sleep for two hours outside. 

Carrie standing by tree trapping us

Carrie by tree trapping us, showing asphalt that came up. 

Driveway with one tree moved so we can leave for gas

Gas is in demand these days for generators and travel.

House next door loses roof

Neighbor has tree break into three pieces

Large trees down the street

Tree falls parallel to a house not damaging it. 

At about 5pm Mom and Carrie decide to go to Rosenberg to get gas for the generator. I know they have power in places because my dear friend, Katrina lives there. Since we had no power that meant no water because we have a well. Katrina took Mom, Carrie, Andrew, and I in to let us take a shower and eat some good food.

Prevailing hurricane force winds show after storm

Poles down at SW Houston Airport

SW Houston Airport

SW Houston Airport Carport damage

Poles damaged in Missouri City

Gas Station damaged in SW Houston.

 Then all four of us go into moms bedroom where we have a small old A/C connected to a generator and we sleep. There are no hotels available. Hardly any lights were working, almost all of them were stop lights. On top of that people were so use to lights that some forgot to stop and treat it like a stop sign. SugarLand had a few places with power. My good friend Mark in Sugarland was not one of those with power, neither was Harland or Tara. We were all very blessed with no major damage and no one hurt, then if that wasn't reason to be happy enough...God granted us with a wonderful cool front. God does great things...

Lines out the door at HEB for ice

Lights out just about everywhere

Traffic on Beltway since its free makes travel horrendous. 

Funny car Andrew and I saw...

No Ice No Gas signs at stations

Front yard cleaned more

Sunset on Second day
Hurricane Alicia: A child's story

Before the storm Journal

During the storm Journal

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