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April 18, 2009


The day starts off with rain and I'm more worried about my birthday party having to move indoors than anything else. Andrew surprised me the night before with coming down for the weekend. :) The two of us spent the day together and early that afternoon Andrew and I received a call from my long-time friend, Mark Egan. He reports a storm headed our direction and wondered if we were chasing. I was so wrapped up in other things that I wasn't expecting storms. However, after looking at radar, then Carrie coming in commenting on radar...I knew it was time to chase. 

Carrie, Andrew, and I jumped in my RAV4 with the INB (internet in a box, a.k.a. laptop). We traveled down 521 almost to Rosharon. There was so much rain that even if there was activity we wouldn't be able to see it. Still, Carrie and I being experienced chasers made the decision to hold out and wait to see what would happen. The rain slowed down to almost a complete stop by the time the edge of the storm was close to us. The skies cast an eerie green with hail (though we reported none at our immediate location). The storm was brushing by us showing us it's good side. 

The skies grew very dark and the wind flow into the storm was really strong. Carrie and I watched the target zone churn with ragged edges. Then Carrie saw it...a funnel. We let out a 'YAY', then confirmed seeing rotation in it. Andrew was with us for his first chase and was taking it all in. I watched the storm intently and the funnel only lasted a few minutes. At one point it looked to touch ground, but we can not confirm that. The way the storm was formed it seemed more like a gustnado type event anyways. I took pictures of course, but it was so dark and I had my zoom on at the time, so they are a bit soft. The storm moved on giving us a tremendous amount of rain. The rotating cloud shifted direction towards us and we jumped in the car and yelled for Andrew to do the same. Upon asking him what he thought of that chase he said he enjoyed it! YAY!!!!


Construction down McKeever made roadways slick and two cars ended up in a ditch, which Andrew and Cory helped out with. Since Arcola took the trees down and leveled the land by the bayou the rain had no where to go but the houses. The drainage out here is horrible now. 


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